Yatin-News-Germany IF Product Design Award 2007 to Yatin

Germany IF Product Design Award 2007 to Yatin

By virtue of the continuous self-transcendence, Yatin surpasses its history once again and recreates a new height in the design-field of Chinese bathroom products. On Nov. 27th, 2006, Yatin faucet POWER, designed by Mr. Yu Qing, is awarded the Germany IF Product Design Award 2007 which is one of the 4th global famous competitions. And this award enables China’s bathroom-product design rank among the world’s most advanced industry 

IF Product Design Award 2007 

Germany IF Product Design Award found in 1953,it is also have a nice name called“International industrial design Oscar”. This award advocate the design innovative,ensure to give more fresh design for industrial filed,this award have more reputation than Japanese and American design award. This award represents the top standard of design. The judge in this competition is famous designer. They judge base on 10 different principle such as :the products practicability,safety,innovation, environmental, protection,high quality design and so on. The elimination rate reach 70%,that all can show the strict of this competition. Since 1953,IF award is the name card of the top design. The manufacturer and design studio make the IF label as one symbol of product quality. For the Customer who care about the design,the IF label shows the good quality and innovative spirit. 

The products which won the IF award can show the top design, not only can attract more attention but also can help the user distinguish the little difference between two kinds of product. IF label has become one kind of top symbol all over the world, and lead the latest design trend. The meaningful IF award not only show the ability of the designer, but also can rank the top international brand. It is the passport of the export products.