Yatin-News-Completion of Yatin New industrial park

Completion of Yatin New industrial park

March 23rd, 2009, under the witness of the representatives of Yatin international and domestic distributors, leaders of the Jiande Government and thousands of Yatin workers, Yatin Bath Corp. declared that the new industrial park had been completed and the mass production could be started.

Starting from September 16th, 2007 and after 14 months hard work, Yatin succeed to complete the first phase project, including the 70,000 square meters modern workshop, the temporary office and the staff canteen. Later at the end of February, 2009, Yatin installed all the equipments and finished the trial production and started the mass production.

The leaders of Municipal committee, the leaders of the Congress, the leaders of the Government and the leaders of Municipal people’s Political Consultative also attended the ceremony. Qinghua Hong, the Mayor of the local City, expressed his congratulations and expectation with great enthusiasm. Chunlei Chen , the Secretary of the Municipal Party Yuguang, the Managing director of Yatin, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony and lighted the fireworks. During the following hours, Yatin new industrial park was full of joy and happiness. On the ceremony, Yatin also awarded the outstanding workers who had a great work in 2008. In the afternoon, the representatives of Yatin domestic distributors, international distributors and suppliers visited the production workhouse.

On the following day, Yatin arranged a tour to The Thousand Islands lakes at, Tonglu Yaohu Paradise and other scenery spot for the all the guests.