Yatin-News-Life.Art.Taste——2009/2010 Yatin new products presentation

Life.Art.Taste——2009/2010 Yatin new products presentation

On May 25th to 25th, 2009, in Shanghai new international expo center, Yatin attracted many domestic and foreign professional’s appreciation in the largest native building materials event in Asia-- the 14th Kitchen & Bath China , as sanitary industry leader, with delicate booth of 500 square meters and splendid display effect.

During this exhibition, Yatin applied a simple, modern international design style: clear succinct aluminum frames mating with different height, different levels of grey showcases, disclosing the publicity and luxury in a low profile instead of the usual Chinese traditional red style.

"Life in art" as the theme of 2009 Yatin new product: the metamorphosis of “leaf” series faucet and accessory come from the inspiration of a ordinary natural leaf, with their own beautiful curve, harmonious modeling under Yatin excelsior craft processing attracted numerous visitors stop viewing. Yatin classical and modern bathroom furniture paid attention to product essence, abandoned many ornament and trifles. No matter the modeling design, color collocation or humanized processing, everything starts from the consumers’ needs and habits.

Each product contains Yatin designing team’s infinite enthusiasm, carefully inquiry and transcendental imagination.