Yatin-News-Yatin--rewon the CIDF golden award

Yatin--rewon the CIDF golden award

In the just-concluded 2009 Sixth China Enterprise Product Innovation Design Award (CIDF) Awards Gala, the victory news of Yatin came again. The two products with outstanding design, conquered the audience of judges and the audience. Following with Yatin"Power" series won 4th session China Enterprise Product Innovation Design Award (CIDF) in 2006, Yatin, once again topped the highest CIDF.

SUBLIME series faucet and accessories won the CIDF golden award, which is the only golden award of bathroom line in this competition; SWING series faucet and accessories won innovative design award. The designer of the two Award-winning products –Yuguang, the chairman of Yatin , won the most innovative designer award (the top award of designer)! 

China Innovative Design Award for short CIDF, innovation and pragmatic, focusing on the professional authority, and stressed the market value of innovative design concept, not only by the domestic and international professionals, attention and love, also won the enterprise and the market recognition, acclaim to have the international influence of "China’s design community’s Oscar" award.