Yatin-News-Fly with Dreams The meeting of Yatin’s franchisers in China

Fly with Dreams The meeting of Yatin’s franchisers in China

Yatin Bath Corp. held a meeting with more than 200 dealers all over China from May 31th to June 1st for new development of Yatin

Mr Yuguang made a speech first. He said Yatin would have been set up for 9 years in the coming July 18th, 2010.Yatin had met a lot of difficulty but solved them together with our franchisers here after we entry in the domestic market. We were not simply cooperation partners; we’ve become close comrade-in-arms. Mr. Yuguang represented our company to show warm welcome and thanks to the franchisers who are working in the first line.

After struggling through the international finance storm and the huge movement from Xinchang to Jiande city in 2009, Mr.Yuguang thought Yatin have stand the ordeal and challenge, on the other hand, accumulating power from the adverse situation. With the joint efforts between Yatin and the franchisers, the brand of “Yatin” will have a brighter future.

Another highlight in the meeting was the lecture of Mr. Kongfanren who is from QiZhengMuGu Consultative Organization. He had been engaged in Brand Marketing Consulting for 20years and offered service to more than 200 companies. He is the pioneer of Marketing Consulting firms in China, the first batch of Top Ten planner and chief curator of magazine “Sales and Marketing”. As Yatin’s brand consultant, Mr. Kong and the team of QIZHENG have planned and established brand new Brand strategy and Image system

With the background of “Fly with dreams”, Mr. Kong shared kinds of Brand stories when explaining the upgrading path of Yatin brand and analysis main aspects of “On the way to success--Yatin and franchisers” which wined burst of claps and laugh.

The other day, all of the franchisers visited the production department and laboratory of R&D center in Yatin. They showed their praise to the powerful production strength and the punctilious manner in quality. What’s more, they are full of confidence in developing the market after seeing the high quality of Yatin products.