Yatin-News-The third iF Awards: Yatin Leaf & Acme won the glory at iF 2010

The third iF Awards: Yatin Leaf & Acme won the glory at iF 2010

The selection results of iF Awards 2010 recently came out: the Faucets called Leaf and Acme designed by Yatin designers won two iF Awards. It’s the third time for Yatin to get this great honor.

iF Awards was set up in 1954 and hold by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum which became one of the three international design competitions and was called “Oscar ”in the industrial design field. The selection standard of iF Awards includes the following factors: the practicality, the safety, the ergonomic feature, the high-quality design and so on. What’s more, iF awards focus on the balanced presentation between “quality of whole product” and “sense of worth”. Winning the iF Award means the product is approved by the international industrial design field that.


The soft curves of the soft leaf from which you can see the details we tailor-made for the faucet and the honorable ancestry. The “Leaf” series faucet endows the product kind of feminine softness. And we can see the strong skills of our designers form the elliptic shape and smooth graceful lining.


The applying of a simplifying design sense and rebuilds the “minimalist” concept endows the product a steady elegant feature. The skilled combination and perfect transition of cylinder and flat makes a specific style out from the unification in vision.