Yatin-News-Yatin, Chinese Red Star Design Award again in 2010

Yatin, Chinese Red Star Design Award again in 2010

Ever since the Swing Range Faucet won the China Red Star Design Award in 2009, Yatin’s another faucet “Loong” made the figure among 5132PCS entries from 1072 enterprises got this prize again in 2010, for its outstanding design and exquisite craft.

Having gone through thousands of years, Loong has already become a kind of culture accumulation and condensation. It is the symbol of China as well as Chinese culture. By the hand of Yatin industrial design team, the many-generations-circulated spiritual connotation and the long historical national blood lineage are combined together with the blending of art and technology, creating the 100 percent king’s style of faucet and accessory of Yatin “Loong” series.

China Red Star Design Award, building a creative country; propelling the development of design innovative industry; encouraging manufacturers’ independent innovation and enhancing their products’ international competitiveness; promoting Chinese culture; protecting intellectual property rights of enterprises; raising the living standards of Chinese people; internationalizing Chinese design; accelerating the integration of design services industry and manufacturing, intends to help “Made in China” become “Design in China” by encouraging enterprises to develop products with their own independent intellectual property rights.