Yatin-News-New Classical Legend--Yatin New Product Launch Event of 2011/2012

New Classical Legend--Yatin New Product Launch Event of 2011/2012

During May 25th to 28th in 2011, the 16th International kitchen and bath of China fair were ceremoniously held at Shanghai new international expo center. The bath exhibition is the largest in Asian and has the greatest influence in China; about 4166 enterprises from 35 countries and regions all over the world come together for it. 

 Yatin Bath Corporation has attended the exhibition for ten years. For this time, the exhibition hall covers an area of 600 square meters; it is of simple but elegant and concise style. The exhibition stand presents in gray white and red three different colors, collocating various style of real example room, which is in orderly placement, making you feel every step has a different scene. Many new series of accessory faucet and furniture products make their debut on the exhibition. Upon releasing, all dazzle gathered, and the exhibition hall was crowded with people. 

 Yatin serving as the first owner of international IF design prize in Chinese bathroom industry, has been the design vane and the unique leading brand for many years. At the exhibition, yatin gathered the faucet products which has got the domestic and international prize these years, the shining products have attracted a large number of visitors, stopping their steps to appreciate and praising. 

 "New Classical Legend”-the focus of Yatin’s launch event this time. It inherits and overturns the classical. The designers and engineers of yatin make their efforts to create the masterpiece. Many new classical products appear on the exhibition, conquering the visual perception of the viewer. Yatin Seine series of new classical legend, the designers wield the elements of Chinese porcelain completely; integrate the golden edge high temperature ceramics into brass faucet ingenious, expressed the pith of Yatin new classical legends while illuminate the eastern and western culture. Yatin always believe: In the relaxed personal bathroom space, we no longer desire the cold technology and industrial products without vigour. In today’s emotional age, all we need to do is to enjoy the luxury of art in the most extent. 

 "Seven stars"-yatin shining plating, except chrome, also extent to Elegance Gold, Archaize Black, Satin Sliver ect, surface treatment territory, integrate with advanced PVD technology, making yatin products have more glaring and constant color. 

 Yatin oak furniture makes a debut on the exhibition. Using American-imported red oak material, totally manual carving, the topmost painting technology, dovetailed joints structure, imported marble counter and pure brass handle, makes a promise for the best quality of yatin oak furniture! Outstanding design, exquisite material and multifarious process, within these steps, yatin is almost clinging and makes no compromise. All our efforts aim to your enjoy the luxury of art.