Yatin-News-Historic Grade-YATIN awarded WELL-KNOWN MARKS OF CHINA


On 29th Nov., SAIC(State Administration for Industry and Commerce) trademark office has published the latest list (the second group) of WELL-KNOWN MARKS OF CHINA in 2011. The registered trademark ‘YATIN’ of YATIN BATH CORP. was officially named WELL-KNOWN MARKS OF CHINA by the trademark office of PRC.

To guarantee the equity and justice nomination of the WELL-KNOWN MARKS, SAIC made strictly regulations from election system, election progress and election supervision. Through strict maintain by the administrative and judicial nature, YATIN BATH CORP., with its excellent quality and many years insist on brand building, has successfully passed all kinds of tests and finally awarded WELL-KNOWN MARKS OF CHINA.

From the establishment of 2001, YATIN BATH CORP. is always pursuit to be one of the best professional manufactures in the industry of sanitary ware, so all the products of YATIN are originally created and independently researched, and the most important is Yatin products got many high awards both in domestic and international. Through strictly controlling production and quality in every procedure, YATIN BATH CORP. has got identification and praise by ten millions of users through its excellent quality. In the long time, YATIN has been implementing brand strategies, made trademark be an important composition in brand culture, a significant mark to establish the customers’ believe and identification and also made it an invisible asset of enterprises to heavily invest and protect.

After award the WELL-KNOWN MARKS OF CHINA, YATIN will future improve its brand reputation and market influence and quickly promote its market competition and reputation in China even in the worldwide.

CHINA WELL-KNOWN MARKS mean a mark which enjoys high profile, high reputation, high appealing power of people and high competition. WELL-KNOWN MARKS is an important law conception in the field of intellectual property rights. It is identified and protected by SAIC. The WELL-KNOWN MARKS was not only totally protected by relative laws in China but will get all nations’ laws protection when it was infringed in every member country of the World Intellectual Property Organization or WTO according to the regulations of Paris Convention and TRIPS agreements in the area of intellectual property .